E3 2017 – EA/Bioware shows off ‘Anthem’ on the Microsoft E3 stage.


The team at Bioware Edmonton has been hard at work on their newest IP, and that title is Anthem.

This anticipated game was finally shown off after years in secret and the first bit of details and gameplay was shown off at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference today.

Players will wear exo-suits called Javelins, each of them operating like individual classes with different abilities. These exo-suits will allow players to fly, swim underwater, and cause chaos across the beautiful world that was shown today.

Anthem will support squads with up to four players, with drop-in and drop-out gameplay.

This, in some ways, looks like EA’s answer to Destiny, a title that is published by rival Activision. The game looks flat out gorgeous on Xbox One X, which is currently the only console that has had the game shown off on.

Anthem is an open-world, third-person RPG that will launch fall 2018. Check out the full gameplay trailer below.

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