E3 2017 – EA announces all Battlefront 2 DLC content to be “Free”.

Star Wars Battlefront, when released just a few short years ago, came with many criticisms, one of which was the total lack of any sort of story campaign. EA has said they have gone to great lengths to fix, add, or change many of the issues that gamers had with the title, and has added a full-length campaign to the game, and much more.

Battlefront 2 will tell an essential Star Wars story that takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Multiplayer will take place between all three era’s of the Star War universe, adding in classes, deeper customization, and new vehicles to an already enjoyable multiplayer arena.

The game is reported to feature a total overhaul to all gameplay systems, weapons, and a whole new progression system. Another system that is getting a major overhaul is how you will unlock the use of vehicles and hero characters. Previously, you had to run around the map to find a random pick-up, and then you would respawn as a hero character or behind the controls of a map-specific vehicle. Now, you’ll earn these rewards by playing a match and earning Battle Points, making the choice of using vehicles or hero characters yours.

EA also announced that joining Rey and Darth Maul to the game will be Finn and Captain Phasma. EA also shocked everyone with the announcement that all DLC content for Battlefront 2 will be 100% free.

The game looks to release this November, and those who pre-order now will gain access to a fall 2017 Beta.

For more E3 2017 coverage, keep checking back over the next few days!

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