E3 2017 – Black Desert MMORPG announced for Xbox One

Black Desert has been said to have the best looking character editor in a game, period. It even released the editor apart from the game so that gamers could check it out, and they weren’t wrong.

I’ve wanted to play the Korean-developed MMO for quite a while now as it is currently available for PC, but sadly, just don’t have a PC powerful enough to take it all in.

Thankfully, Pearl Abyss’s MMORPG will launch as an Xbox One console exclusive suggesting that the Playstation 4 platform may eventually see it release there as well.

Xbox One X owners will benefit from the enhancements of 4K visuals and possibly more benefits like a higher framerate.

Microsoft has usually had a touch and go relationship with developers of MMO’s as most often they require more updates than the company usually will allow. Fingers crossed that Guild Wars 2 will see a Xbox One X release in the future.

Black Desert will launch in early 2018.

For more E3 2017 coverage, keep checking back over the next few days!


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