E3 2017 – Backward’s compatibility on Xbox One extends to Original Xbox this fall.

Microsoft announced today that backward’s compatibility has been a huge part of its plans to deliver the best games to Xbox One gamers and dropped the bomb today that compatibility with Original Xbox titles will hit the system later this year.

Currently, the only confirmed title is the fantasy dogfighting game, Crimson Skies.  I have my fingers crossed for Brute Force, as even the original developer is keen on revisiting this game.

Phil Spencer also stated that these titles will have performance boosts when played on the new hardware. It is also expected that these titles can look forward to taking advantage of Xbox One features like streaming on Mixer, screenshot support, and compatibility with Xbox Live.

Backward’s compatibility with the Original Xbox was teased back in 2015, but it was said at the time that it would be a huge challenge to implement. Well, job well done guys!

For more E3 2017 coverage, keep checking back over the next few days!


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