Dungeons of Aledorn Kickstarter surpasses the 50% mark!

April 2 2015 – Prague, Czech Republic – Indie developer Team21, is celebrating crossing the 50% mark of their funding target by releasing an updated tech demo AND (just for fun) a parody trailer for their Kickstarter campaign for Dungeons of Aledorn.

“We are truly humbled by the support of backers and press for Dungeons of Aledorn and the team. It shows that there’s still a lot of adoration for the classical styled RPGs that we at Team21 love so much.” said Danny Nezmar, producer at Team21. “We’re on the right path to be funded but we still have over a week to go on our campaign. I strongly believe that with your continued support we can make it.  The people of Aledorn need you!”

Inspired by classical RPGs such as Betrayal at Krondor and King’s Bounty, the world of Dungeons of Aledorn is stricken by war, and the once defeated Orc tribes have again gathered their strengths and gained new allies to help them re-conquer their lost lands. It’s a harsh time, when deserters and cowards plunder and prey upon the weak and kill on a whim; a world that’s in desperate need of a band of heroes to rally and save the day.

There’s just over a week left to pledge on the campaign. There’s some fabulous merchandise on offer, from t-shirts to dioramas and stunning Orc beastmaster sculptures, pictured below.

Kickstarter link:  here

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About Team 21
Team 21 is a newly formed indie studio that strives to return to gamers the quality of classic game masterpieces.  The team is working hard in their headquarters – complete with in-house audio and motion capture facilities – to create a challenging, fun and balanced games mainly for the hardcore player.

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