Dumb as Wizards Leaving Early Access on Steam Today

Multiplayer arena fun-for-all brawler for up to 4 players

Independent development studio Random Dragon Games releases the full version of Dumb as Wizards on Steam today.

Dumb as Wizards is magical madness for 1-4 players on the couch and online. Whale on your frenemies with crazy spells in a shrinking arena and be the last dummy standing! Embrace the chaos in this fun-for-all wizard brawler. You’re a wizard, Dummy! 

Dumb as Wizards is couch chaos fun-for-all and the full version contains even more wacky spells more spells to choose from. Controlling a magical dummy is easy, but mastering the myriad of chaotic spells takes true wizdumb”.

Jacob L. B. Kjeldsen, CEO at Random Dragon Games.

Dumb as Wizards can be played with controller or mouse/keyboard, and features 4 different game modes. It is focused on accessibility and fast-paced casual fun, compared to its more complex inspirations like Warlocks, Dominion and Magicka. 


  • Whale on your friends in fast paced arena combat!
  • Crazy spells, like the chicken shotgun and whale falling from the sky
  • Local and online multiplayer
  • No global cooldown, for complete build freedumb.
  • 4 different game modes: Defend the Eye, Roulette, Wizard Rumble, Chaos.
  • Play with controller or mouse/keyboard

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