Dual Universe Players Become Orbital Architects in Novaquark’s Space Station Building Contest

Latest builder contest gets an incredible turnout as players show their expertise with in-game tools

Novaquark, developers of sci-fi MMO Dual Universe, are set to announce the winning entries from their Space Station Building Contest, which began last October and concluded with their recent super-test session. The contest, which was open to all Alpha backers, saw dozens of incredible submissions built entirely by players in the game’s shared universe, all of which are a testament not only to the players’ great creativity but to the capabilities of the game’s unique, in-game construction tools as well.

Dual Universe is unique in that its content is entirely created by players in a single-shard world, and is driven by their creativity in building constructs using only the in-game tools — anything from space ships, to buildings, to space stations, and everything in between. Novaquark has held similar contests in the past, challenging players to create the best in-game puzzlespaceshipoutpost, and small dynamic construct.

“It’s amazing what our community keeps coming up with to surprise us. We just give them the tools, and sometimes we wonder how they managed to manipulate the game in such creative ways.”

CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie.

With this latest contest, many entrants teamed up within their organizations to build massive, complex space stations with varying gameplay purposes in mind. Some even found creative ways to use gravity as a fun gameplay mechanism. Whether as refueling / trading stations, defensive outposts, or organizational HQs, space stations will serve as important hubs for some of Dual Universe’s main gameplay loops, including dynamic economy and organizations.

The Dual Universe team plans on releasing a series of videos highlighting the top entries, starting with this video montage showcasing the top contestants’ builds.

With so many incredible entries, this has been one of the most successful contests to date. The team has its hands full now that they have to decide on a winner. Sci-fi fans can jump right into the Dual Universe experience now for $60 USD/60 Euros. Pledge packs and more information can be found on the game’s websiteDual Universe’s Beta 1 launch is expected to release this summer, with the full game arriving in 2021.

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