Drone Strike Force is Now LIVE on Steam! – Odisi Games releases the roadmap for the first free content updates

 Odisi Games and NGD Studios are proud to announce that Drone Strike Force has officially launched on Steam at the price of $19.99 (USD). Drone Strike Force is a high-octane competitive, skill-based game that is bringing new challenges to the FPS genre with its unique aerial combat and highly-skilled competitive gameplay. Drone Strike Forcetakes things to all new levels in modern warfare – high into the skies with the sort of combat never before seen in a competitive shooter.

To help celebrate the launch, starting this weekend top content creators will be taking the skies alongside players to compete in a “Skins for Wins” event. Limited Edition skins are on the line for any player that records 20 wins as their favorite drone type before September 1st!

The first several months of free content updates are also outlined, with the game’s first PVE mode and all-new skins and rewards coming in September…

THE SKIES AHEAD – Development Roadmap Detailed

September brings with it the first PVE mode, which allows players to fight hordes of AI controlled drones, in groups or solo to get the best score possible. This mode can even be played while queuing up for the PVP game modes, making sure that every player is never far from the action. In addition, September’s content drop also brings in a new Mission System with special rewards, and brand new skins to earn in-game.

October through January are also outlined, with a Skirmish Lobby, an Armor and Shields System, New Weapons, Achievements, New Game Modes, Ranked Mode, and Leaderboards all planned to land at varying times. The future is bright, even if it’s mostly controlled by drones fighting one another…

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