“Dragon Fin Soup” to be featured at the PlayStation Experience!


Philadelphia, PA – November 11th, 2014 – Five-person indie developer Grimm Bros will be featured at the debut PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas from December 6th-7th to show off the charming, classic console RPG-style game that blends tactical action and roguelike elements with tales of murder, madness, and a splash of dark, humorous libations: Dragon Fin Soup.

Since being Greenlit on Steam and funded through Kickstarter this past Spring, Dragon Fin Soup has been showcased at the debut of the IndieMEGABOOTH at Gamescom, as well as PAX East and PAX Prime.

Grimm Bros is honored to be selected as a top tier indie that will be showcased at the debut Playstation Experience in Las Vegas! Although we are a veteran team, this is our first title as a studio. Sony has seen the potential of DFS and we deeply appreciate the opportunity to share our hard work with the gamer community. We will have our latest build of Dragon Fin Soup ready for attendees to play on the PS4!” said Ash Monif, CEO of Grimm Bros.

About Dragon Fin Soup

The world of Dragon Fin Soup begins on the back of Asura, a giant dragon-turtle god who swims the multiverse of space-time. Players can choose to unravel the tale of their character in Story Mode, embark on a journey to discover the wilds of Asura in Survival Mode, or get lost in an endless maze and fight monstrous bosses in Endless Labyrinth Mode.DFS_poster_RW

With a variety of compelling locations to explore, including spider forests, ice caves, abandoned mines, scorching deserts, mushroom forests and haunted mansions, Dragon Fin Soup kicks off the action with the tale of Red Robin, whose bloody, dark past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance.

For more information on Dragon Fin Soup, please visit:  To pre-order Dragon Fin Soup or buy some awesome schwag, please visit:

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The PlayStation Experience is a massive two-day event dedicated to the gamer community. At PSX, gamers will have access to over 4,000 square feet of the best PlayStation games across multiple platforms, panels, and keynotes led by the industry’s most regarded development teams. There will be contests, signings, giveaways, merchandise, memorabilia and much much more.

About Grimm Bros
Grimm Bros is a new indie RPG game studio, comprised of veteran game developers from around the world. With experienced team members located in Philadelphia, Bangkok, Chicago, San Francisco, and London, Grimm Bros works together online making games from its various home offices, pubs, and cafes.  For more information on Grimm Bros, please visit:

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