Discover new areas, customize the base, cultivate the planet’s mushrooms, and build nuclear powerplants. All in The Riftbreaker™ new gameplay video!

So, you’ve played the demo of The Riftbreaker™ during Steam Game Festival. Then beaten the free Prologue available on Steam, watched all the dev streams and new content reveals during Gamescom that just ended, and you’re still hungry for more? Good! The video showing some new game features should hopefully satisfy your hunger. And in case you’ve been living under a rock and missed Gamescom, you’ll get another opportunity to explore the alien planet, build, customize, light up and tweak your base, harvest alien plants, set up new power sources, and, of course, fight some hostile creatures during both PAX Online and Tokyo Game Show!

While waiting for the shows, you can still download the free Prologue straight from Steam (, and add the full game to your Wishlist (

The new gameplay video shows how to use the planet exploration feature to find new energy resources and set up nuclear powerplants, and demonstrates the proper ways of arming, lighting up, and building defense systems around the base. The video even goes as deep as showing how to cultivate alien mushrooms, and for those who like their HQ to have a personal touch, it explains how to customize and tweak the base.

After watching the video, be sure to save the date in your calendar for both PAX Online and Tokyo Game Show so you don’t miss another opportunity to watch dev streams from TheRiftbreaker™ or the chance to chat about the game with the devs via their Discord channel.

Finally, a hint for Chinese gamers – keep an eye on the Sonkwo online event that will take place between September 10th and 13th, where The Riftbreaker™ will also be featured.

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