Dire Wolf Digital’s ‘Eternal’ goes mobile!

Eternal’s long-awaited second set, Omens of the Past, is here!  Omens of the Past brings over 240 new cards to the battle for the Eternal Throne…and now’s a great time to check in on the popular indy card game!

Play now on iOS and Android phones and tablets!

  • Deep card game strategy meets video game polish.
  • A generous, truly free-to-play business model lets players collect highly competitive decks without breaking the bank.
  • Cross-platform play lets you swap seamlessly between PC, iOS and Android devices.
  • Digital-only mechanics do things that paper card games can’t.

The new card set, Omens of the Past, brings exciting new changes to the world of Eternal, with a huge amount of new content to explore!

Dire Wolf Digital will also be attending the following events

  • San Diego Comic Con
  • Gen Con
  • PAX West
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