“Deploy the Imperial Fists” – Full Control Announces Imperial Fists Expansion for Space Hulk®: Ascension


Featuring 15 New Missions, 20 Flash Missions and the FerociousTarantula Turret, the Imperial Fists Expansion Takes Space Hulk: Ascension to new Heights

Copenhagen, Denmark – December 4th, 2014 — Independent developer Full Control today announced that the first expansion for Space Hulk: Ascension will launch this December. The Imperial Fists Expansion brings 15 new unique story missions and 20 flash missions for players to conquer in Space Hulk Ascension. Based on the best-selling board game set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Space Hulk: Ascension, is a 3D digital turn based strategy game, that features reworked mechanics and a host of new features, including RPG progression mechanics, new Genestealer variations, new rules, and mission structures.

After November’s release of Space Hulk Ascension, we’re excited to announce the first expansion for the game, with the upcoming launch of the Imperial Fists Expansion.” said Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO of Full Control. “As one of the most loyal chapters to Emperor and celebrated for their stubborn resilience and ferocious technology, this new chapter will surely add to the intensity and experience of the battles in Space Hulk Ascension.”ImperialFistsAnnouncement-0102

The primary objective of the Imperial Fists, is to prevent the Genestealers breaking through a defense zone and attacking the flank of the beachhead. As the main campaign expands, the Terminators slowly cleanse areas of the Space Hulk to prevent the Genestealers from building a larger force. Meanwhile, hidden in the Space Hulk, the Genestealers have started massing into a vast force. During the campaign the Imperial Fists are armed with the ferocious Tarantula Turret; a powerful automated weapons platform that can decimate the Genestealer hordes in seconds.

About Full ControlFC-logo

Full Control is a small independent studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the years they have specialized in the genre of turn-based strategy games and have several productions in their portfolio, including “Space Hulk Ascension”. The development team have just released “Jagged Alliance: Flashback” and in 2013 released “Space Hulk”, a turn-based videogame adaptation of the hugely popular Warhammer 40k board game.

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