Demonic graphic adventure Darkestville Castle out now

Buka Entertainment and Epic LLama must warn all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players that today’s launch of Darkestville Castle means infernal prankster Cid is now on the loose. Neither team can be held responsible for any injury that may arise from Cid tickling ribs or triggering players’ funny bones in an underworldly adventure filled with gags and puzzles.

The Nintendo Switch version of Darkestville Castle has been subjected to a small delay and isn’t yet available for download, but players will be able to embark on Cid’s evil escapades in the coming days.

Watch the launch trailer, if you dare…

First released on PC, where it scooped up the “INDIE PRIZE – Best Game Narrative” award and has received ‘Very Positive’ Steam player reviews, Darkestville Castle now arrives on all major consoles to terrorise brand audiences.

About Darkestville Castle
A traditional hand-painted graphic adventure inspired by the genre’s greats, Darkestville Castle drops players into the pointed shoes of skeletal demon Cid who enjoys nothing more than sharpening his teeth and unleashing evil deeds onto the people of Darkestville.

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