Darklings Season 2 Infests App Store Today – Award-Winning Noir Style Endless Adventure Starts New Season Now Featuring New Stages, Enemies, Bonuses, Maps and More!

LOS ANGELES, CAFebruary 12th, 2015 — MildMania announced today that Darklings Season 2 is now available through the iOS AppStore. Winner of multiple awards, including Editor’s Choice, Develop and Best Gameplay, Crystal Pixel Awards, the original Darklings has been downloaded over three million times worldwide since its launch in December 2013. Now iOS users can enjoy the revamped version of this free-to-play gesture-driven endless atmospheric adventure game, with fascinating noir-style graphics, bundled with lots of new content. To download Darklings Season 2 visit:

“We are thrilled to announce the availability of Darklings Season 2, which after taking all the players’ feedback into consideration let us create a superior version of the original”, said Burkay Ozdemir, Co-CEO of MildMania. “Besides extraordinary visual style and a number of exciting features, the sequel brings a unique gameplay experience as well as lots of new content.”

With Darklings Season 2, players have even more to fear as constant waves of darklings come at them from all sides with new enemies, new bosses and new fights. The new season introduces an all-new strategic map with more unique battle locations to conquer. A brand-new customization and leveling system, along with new special costumes, bonuses and gadgets, personalize your character and help you progress in the game. Online team battle and trophy systems as well as new objectives and achievements round out the new season, making the next episode ofDarklings that much more addicting!

About Darklings Season 2

In Darklings Season 2, Darklings have stolen all of the stars from the world, bringing the Darkness. In this epic endless adventure, players take on the role of Lum, the face of light, who must save the world by purging the darklings and retrieving the stolen stars. With unique gesture driven gameplay blended with dark, mysterious noir artwork, Darklings carries touch based gaming to a whole new level. For more information on Darklings Season 2 visit:

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mildmanialogotransMildMania, LLC, brings new experience in design and development of interactive products. MildMania, mainly focuses on mobile game development formed by talented core members in the field. MildMania is committed to create a new and natural way of interaction with high-quality and innovative games. They believe in fluidity, simplicity and user experience. MildMania is dedicated to bring the mobile games one step further in each game we bring to market. For additional information visit:

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