Daedalic Releases Bounty Train, the Train-sim/Rogue-like on Early Access Today


Hamburg, Germany, 25th of August, 2015 Daedalic Entertainment, a leading Developer and Publisher of interactive games, today launched Bounty Train, their modern take on the train-simulation genre, on Steam’s Early Access platform today.

Until August 31, 2015, the core version of Bounty Train will be available for a discounted price of $19.99 USD, with a special “Trainium” edition (contains the game’s soundtrack, artbook and other special items) for $27.99 USD.

Bounty Train, by independent developer Corbie, features a refreshing take on the train simulation genre, with the player controlling a steam train in frontier America, following trade routes between towns, fending off attackers and managing the train.

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About Bounty Train

Bounty Train is a complex, tactically challenging game. The player has to keep many balls in the air — dealing with real time skirmishes with bandits, trading good for the best prices, resource management, train optimization and keeping the line (and train) in good repair. In addition, Bounty Train confronts the player with historical events, from the onset of the Civil War to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln — and depending on player choices and performance, the course of history may be changed. Bounty Train borrows elements from many genres and uses them to build a greater whole, a new unique strategy game experience.

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About Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment is a Hamburg-based indie-studio that develops and publishes high-quality games worldwide, focusing on the projects with strong narratives. Over the last few years, Daedalic has collected 21 German Game Developer Awards (incl. “Studio of the Year” 2009 and 2013), five German Computer Game Awards (incl. “Best Game 2011”), and more.

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