Control 32,000 Drones in Gripping Sci-fi Real Time Strategy Game Drone Swarm

German publisher astragon reveals more gameplay footage and dev diary video for their upcoming drone battle adventure

astragon Entertainment and stillalive studios are pleased to announce further gameplay details of their newest project, the sci-fi real time strategy game Drone Swarm. Following the great success of the Bus Simulator franchise, both companies continue working together to bring an action packed narrative sci-fi strategy game to the players later this year. For the first time, everyone will be able to feel the full power of 32.000 drones firsthand at the Steam Game Festival from June 9 to June 14, 2020.

In Drone Swarm players take command of the only human FTL ship: the Argo – mankind’s last hope of survival. As Captain Carter, you control a swarm of 32.000 individually simulated drones. Use it creatively to advance your mission to find New Earth. Mastering the swarm is the key gameplay element in Drone Swarm. With the help of it, you must defend the mothership against alien attacks: build a shield wall using the drones by drawing a defensive formation to intercept any shots of your opponents. Quickly analyze the enemy’s tactics to find the best way to defend yourself, initiate a counter-attack and obliterate your opponents. Different enemies need to be countered in different ways: some are agile, others have powerful shields, unknown attacks or disabling abilities. While defending the Argo is very important, so is engaging the enemies by drawing attack paths, using physical maneuvers, or utilizing the environment to destroy their ships. To be successful in battle, players must adapt their tactics and usage of the swarm against every enemy fleet to skillfully exploit their weaknesses.

After the players have learned to control the swarm, they can explore more and more of their drones’ exciting abilities. Improvements to the mothership, repairing damage and rebuilding the swarm are also of importance to be prepared for the upcoming big battles. Drone Swarm offers players a star map in-between battles allowing them to choose their own path and how to approach the main objectives.

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