Civilization Building MMO, Dual Universe, Launches Into Alpha With Stunning New Trailer

Today, after months of testing among its dedicated community and over 11 million dollars in project funding, including backer support, Novaquark is excited to launch the first playable Alpha for Dual Universe. This marks the civilization building MMO’s biggest development milestone since its Kickstarter in 2016, offering a truly massive content update.

Built upon four key pillars – Explore, Build, Trade, Conquer – Dual Universe’s Alpha 1 brings the first three facets of this massive sci-fi sandbox to life, allowing players to explore and build almost anything they can imagine, and then trade on the ingame player driven markets. From subterranean bases and futuristic cityscapes, to spaceships capable of interstellar travel and planet-bound hovercrafts, not even the sky’s the limit. Plus, with the launch of Alpha 1, players have a lot more room to create. Thanks to the dev team’s terraforming efforts, Alioth, the game’s starting planet, has reached an area size close to the one of real life Great Britain, and that’s only the first planet.

In addition to these planet terraforming and construct building possibilities, Alpha 1 offers a wealth of tools to help players mine, harvest, transport, store, and sell all manner of building resources. Leveraging the first iteration of Dual Universe’s crafting system, players will need all the resources they can get their hands on!

This is just the start for Dual Universe and its interstellar journey towards launch, however. Having closely involved its passionate community in the game’s development process since day one, Novaquark intends to continue building upon the feedback of players – both veterans and newcomers – as they work towards creating a true gaming Metaverse and realizing this game-changing sci-fi dream. As a commitment to this vision, Dual Universe will welcome ALL Kickstarter backers no matter the amount of their pledge into the Alpha before the end of the year bringing the game population over 11.000 players in the same entirely editable single shard server.

Dual Universe is available now in its Alpha 1 phase, with Alpha 2 slated to arrive in the first half of 2019.

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