Chill Out, ‘Marvel Heroes 2015’ Fans! Playable Iceman Is Finally Here


March 6, 2015 — At Gazillion, nothing drives new characters and storylines for Marvel Heroes 2015 quite like community feedback, and we’ve heard you — by popular demand, Iceman debuts today. Players can add him to their roster by purchasing the Iceman Hero Pack for £12.99/€13.99 here:



Bobby Drake’s icy arsenal in Marvel Heroes 2015 includes everything from expected moves like Ice Beam, Ice Sled, and Wave of Icicles to…well, building a snowman. He even swings an ice blade, detonates explosive ice statues, unleashes patches of ice to slow down enemies headed his way, and summons Ice Golems and miniature versions of himself to fight beside him.

Many fans would agree that Bobby still ranks as one of the coolest X-Men ever — and not just literally. Making his debut in THE X-MEN #1, Iceman was one of the first five mutants to sign on as a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, alongside Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey’s codename at the time), Beast and Angel.

Meet the Voice (James Arnold Taylor):


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