Chernobylite funded on Kickstarter in just nine days!

With $120,000 already pledged by 1,896 backers and 17 more days still left until the Kickstarter campaign for Chernobylite ends, The Farm 51 developers are not slowing down, publishing a brand new video and revealing further stretch goals for the title, including adding a recruitable NPC and an additional level to explore.

The Farm 51 developers can already start preparing their backpacks, Geiger counters, stalker’s equipment and their Reality 51 3D scanning technology to get back to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone as the gamers have spoken! By funding Chernobylite on Kickstarter ( in just nine days, and still continuing to support it, players have sent a clear message: they believe in the project and want to virtually visit the Ghost City of Pripyat with it looking as real as possible.

And The Farm 51 developers are here to deliver exactly that, and more, with a list of newly revealed stretch goals that include:

  • EFIGS localization – after reaching the $120,000 mark, so it’s already secured!
  • Weapon craft system and content – available once the $130,000 milestone is reached.
  • Real Zone sounds added to the game when it hits $150,000.
  • Tarakan, a recruitable NPC, will show up in the game once pledges are at a level of $180,000.
  • And a whole new Red Forest level will also be added to Chernobylite with the final $200,000 stretch goal.

The last two especially deserve more detailed explanation, so here’s what gamers can expect once those final stretch goals are reached:

Tarakan – proof the Zone changes people. Tarakan is a man who spent many years in solitude. Who is he? What secrets is he hiding? The only sure thing is that he did not meet the main character by accident… He does not remember his true identity, and delusions combine in his head with solid scientific knowledge, making him a kind of techno-shaman. He thinks he is a cockroach competing with the mysterious King of Rats, whom he blames for his present condition. Thanks to Kickstarter support, it will be possible to recruit Tarakan to our team of stalkers and use his specific skills during the game’s missions.

The Red Forest – one of the most dangerous places in the Zone. The area of death in which the vegetation died and took on a reddish color. Due to the very high radiation, nobody ventures there any more… And that’s why it’s an excellent place for a group of settlers who are hiding from soldiers. The Red Forest is a huge level of exploration, filled with mysterious figures that hide from the world, despite the extremely high contamination.

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