Check and mate. And mate. And mate … Chess Meets Endless Runner in new mobile game ChessFinity

Ah, Chess! The game of Kings, a game for noblemen, the strategic masterpiece boardgame. Centuries old, known in all places of the world and never changed. Until now. HandyGames announces ChessFinity, a game that combines the rules and figurines of traditional chess with the thrill of an endless runner.

What makes Chess so interesting? We think it’s the number of possibilities you have to take into account, when you play a game. Where will the Knight go to next, can the Bishop hit my Rook over there? We’ve taken the traditional chessboard and transformed it into a never-ending road to victory. You control one piece from the roster at a time, but you can always swap – from knight to king, from bishop to rook, whatever the situation requires. Try to survive as long as you can and score as many points as possible.

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”ChessFinity is interesting for everyone! Chess players, who are looking for a new twist and want to play while travelling or commuting. And people, who are into mobile games, but haven’t checked Chess out yet.”

Christoper Kassulke, CEO at HandyGames.
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