CAVE’s Robotic Doll Bullet-Hell Shoot’em up ‘DoDonPachi Resurrection’, is Now on Steam

Degica is pleased to announce that CAVE Co., Ltd’s legendary bullet­-hell shoot­-’em-­up series has finally come to Steam with DoDonPachi Resurrection.

The DoDonPachi series goes all the way back to 1995 and has become virtually synonymous with the bullet-­hell genre. CAVE Co., Ltd., is the powerhouse behind many other revered bullet-­hell shooters as well, such as Mushihimesama and Deathsmiles.

The past is being altered. An android, known as Next EXY, has traveled one thousand years back in time. Can she really stop the war? Your task is to stop NEXY and the other Elemental Dolls who once protected humanity.  DoDonPachi Resurrection on Steam combines both the 1.5 and Black Label Xbox 360 releases into one bullet-­packed extravaganza.

dodonpachi-resurrection-02 dodonpachi-resurrection-01

DoDonPachi: Resurrection Features

  • Explore the complete DDPR experience with 8 different modes:
    • Normal 5: The original, refined game.
    • Normal 1.51: A different scoring system and controls in this Cave Matsuri special version.
    • Arrange A (ver L): A newly arranged mode with mechanics and a ship borrowed from DDP Blissful Death.
    • Arrange B (ver B): Play single stages in this highly customizable mode.
    • Novice: A crash course in bullet hell for newcomers!
  • Black Label: A new method of attack and a new final boss await!
  • Black Label Arrange: Control the Tigerschwert from KETSUI in the first official international release for this mode!
  • Black Label Novice: Experience Black Label without the difficulty!
  • Choose between three ships and three styles in the standard modes.
  • Cancel bullets and increase your score with the Hyper Counter system.
  • Turn the tides and clash lasers with the Counter Laser system.
  • Master numerous different intricate scoring systems for which CAVE has become famous.
  • Bring in devastating backup with two­-player local cooperative play.
  • 100 achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Cloud Saves, and Leaderboard support

About CAVE

Composed of former Toaplan members, CAVE is a Japanese developer that has specialized in arcade games since 1995. Although CAVE has produced games for many genres and platforms, they are most famous for their pioneering role in the “bullet hell” shooter sub­genre. CA VE’s most widely known games include Mushihimesama, Deathsmiles, and the DonPachi series.

About Degica Games.

Degica Games is a Tokyo­ based publisher specializing in localizing Japanese games for the global market. We’re best known for the RPG Maker franchise and shooting games such as DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours, The Shooting Love series, ESCHATOS Wonder Pack, and Crimzon Clover. We’re even branching out into fighting games with Koihime Enbu and more. Our goal is to bring you the best games from Japan and all around the world!

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