Briquid Mini’ Splashes onto iOS November 6th!

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 29, 2014

Dutch video games developer Gamious today announced that physics puzzle title Briquid Mini will be released on iOS on November 6th. Briquid Mini is the long awaited sequel to critically acclaimed iPad game Briquid, and will now finally be playable on iPhones.

Briquid Mini offers the same unique gameplay as its predecessor, but on a smaller grid, with highly improved graphics. The 100 increasingly difficult levels promise to again puzzle the most adept puzzle gamer. Briquid Mini will be available in both free (first 20 levels) and premium (€0.89/$0.99 – all 100 levels) versions in the iTunes App Store.

Converting Briquid to smaller screens was a big challenge, but we managed to squeeze the same core game mechanics into Briquid Mini as in the original.” said Jos Bouman, Creative Director of Gamious. “We are very happy that Briquid Mini has turned out even better than the original. This shinier, more pure, and less intimidating version is perfect for casual puzzle fans”.

Briquid Mini 3Briquid Mini 4

Check out the Briquid Mini teaser on Youtube:


About Briquid Mini

Briquid Mini is a puzzle game that features physics action with water and bricks. By tapping on the touch screen to build and break bricks, players are tasked with transporting water from one part of the screen to another. The ability to change the direction of gravity with the tilt functionality creates another layer of depth. And because each level has a limited number of moves, getting a 100% score in all the levels will prove to be a big challenge for even the most seasoned puzzle fans.

About Gamious

Meet Gamious, the Collaborative Games Company. Gamious is a game developer and game publisher headquartered in Amsterdam. For every game project they carefully select the most suitable artists, developers and designers. With a perfect match between the team and the project, they aim to create accessible, original games with pure and high quality gameplay.

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