Bloody Zombies Now Available on Major VR Platforms, PlayStation 4 and Steam.

nDreams, the UK’s leading publisher and developer of VR content, and Paw Print Games are thrilled to announce Bloody Zombies is now available on PlayStation®4 and Steam (£10.99/€13.49/$14.99). Owners of VR headsets can also fight alongside console friends on PlayStation®VR and with PC gamers using Oculus Rift and Vive.  An Xbox One launch will follow next week, on Friday, September 22nd.

Bloody Zombies is a one-to-four player co-op brawler designed to be played with any combination of TV and VR players, both online or on the couch. Set across a London wasteland, bloody zombies run amok and four rough-and-tough cockney misfits must work together to literally beat back the rotting hordes.

Bloody Zombies features deep freeform combat, combining an accessible move-set with brutal chainable combos. Players can also discover special moves and melee weapons to expand and customize their zombie-slaying abilities, as they progress across the London wasteland. For VR players, the enhanced VR viewpoint means they can find in-game secrets and provide tactical support using a unique diorama view.

“Bloody Zombies is a classic throwback to co-op brawlers but features today’s latest technology to create an original experience on console, PC, and VR systems. Players will be able to bash zombie brains up and down the streets of London, whether playing in front of the screen or fully immersed in VR,” – David Corless, VP of Publishing, nDreams.

About nDreams

nDreams was formed in 2006 by former Codemasters and Eidos Creative Director, Patrick O’Luanaigh (Tomb Raider: Legend, Hitman: Blood Money, Conflict: Desert Storm, Micro Machines V3) with a focus on virtual worlds. Since 2013, the company has exclusively dedicated its talents to developing remarkable virtual reality games and experiences. The studio has already worked on multiple successful VR titles – including SkyDIEving, Gunner, Perfect Beach, Danger Goat, and the award winning The Assembly – and continues to develop multiple unannounced projects.

Paw Print Games LTD.

A computer games development studio formed in Chester by passionate veterans of the games industry: Steven Craft and Antony White. Surrounding themselves with a team of video games fanatics that are dedicated to converting ideas and dreams into reality (and virtual reality!).

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