Blob Climber — launching Dec. 16 on iOS & Android

What if a science experiment gains a mind of its own? And what if this “experiment” happens to be a sentient blob?

You’ll find out in BLOB CLIMBER, a new vertical climber that has players help our friend Blob ascend through a tricked-out volcano lab in order to escape a gang of evil scientists:

There’s one hitch, though: LAVA! In addition to helping Blob avoid the lab’s many traps and hazards, players must *also* stay ahead of the unstoppable lava flow . . . a one-hit kill if there ever was one!

Watch out for the red-and-yellow stuff:


It sounds hopeless, but that Blob is tougher than it looks: You can help our hero skillfully maneuver around obstacles by making use of these unique abilities:

* SWIPE to jump off walls and ceilings
* TAP to reach far off ledges with your stretchable arm
* HOLD down two fingers to become invincible

If you’d like to play Blob Climber ahead of the Dec. 16 launch, let us know — we can hook you up with a promo code or APK!

* 60 random floors with 20+ obstacles and traps
* Story Mode for those who prefer a more linear challenge
* 3 alternative gameplay modes: bounceTASTIC, jetTASTIC, and ENDLESS!
* Detailed flat-shaded graphics with a retro vibe
* Driving electronic soundtrack and fun sound effects

Blob Climber is free to play. A single $1.99 in-app purchase disables ads and unlocks all 60 floors. (The first 20 floors can be played for free.)


Good Goblin Games is a one-man studio founded by Bruce Fournier. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Good Goblin Games’ goal is to create exciting, original games for mobile platforms. Blob Climber is the studio’s first title. To learn more about Good Goblin Games, please visit or

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