Bless Online News: Migra Turis Elite, Dungeon Drop Rates, and Combat Targeting Mode Updates!

The Bless Online team has been working hard on addressing your pressing issues as well as bringing you new content. Next week on 7/18 you will get to experience the Migra Turis (Elite) content! Other changes and content will be coming very soon as well, and you can read a bit about it all below.

Upcoming Content and Changes

Migra Turis (Elite) Update (7/18)

We have added a new level of difficulty to Migra Turis, which comes along with new rewards! Amongst other adjustments, players will now have a chance to obtain a Level 45 Heroic weapon from defeating the final boss, Flamelord Fogas.

Dungeon Drop Rate Changes (Coming Soon)

We know you all have been asking for a change in the dungeon drop rates. So, sometime soon after the 7/18 update, we will be hugely increasing the drop rate by doubling it. Further adjustments may still be made to the drop rate after we hear your feedback on the changes, so please let us know after you’ve tried it out!

Combat Targeting Mode Changes (Coming Soon)

Many of you have been asking to have the option to switch targeting mode for different classes. As such, we have been working to bring you more options. In the next change to the targeting mode options, you will be able to switch between modes with all classes except the Berzerker and Paladin, which will still be locked to action targeting and tab targeting respectively. As the Paladin needs to use tab targeting to effectively heal and the Berzerker skills were optimized for action targeting, we have not yet been able to give both mode options to these classes that resulted in a positive player experience. We will instead be adding a target tracking function for the Berzerker (and the other classes as well) that we think will address many of your issues.

Balance Changes (Coming Soon)

One major focus for the balance changes is PvP. We are making adjustments to the classes in ways that we think will contribute to a better PvP experience. We look forward to hearing your feedback after you have tried out the changes, as balance is always an ongoing process.

We are also working on PvE balance to improve the feel of each class in group play; amongst other things, we are working on buffing the aggro-holding ability of the Guardian.

Though we are working to bring you this new content and new improvements, we are also still working to address other big issues that you have brought up, such as optimization and additional balance and bug fixes. We appreciate the feedback that you continue to give us, and will keep using it to make Bless Online even better as we move towards launch.

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