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BlazeRush, Explosive Top Down Racing Action Coming to PC and PS3 on October 29th

Targem Games announced that BlazeRush, its new fast-paced top-down racing combat title is coming to PlayStation 3 and Windows PC through digital download distribution service Steam, priced $9.99 / € 9.99 on October 29th (USA PS3 version will follow at a later date).

With a focus on multiplayer and fast competitive race action, BlazeRush allows up to four players shared-screen local play, and up to eight players online. Both local and online players can join at any time, even during a race. In a new twist to the arcade racing genre, BlazeRush does away with the traditional damage counters and health bars to keep the ferociously fast races in progress. The only way for a player to die is by falling off the death defying track and plummeting to the landscape far below.

Races are made all the more competitive with a vast assortment of weapon power-ups that players can use against racing opponents: pushing, throwing, stunning or slowing down other vehicles on the track. It’s not just about winning the race, there is also the constant challenge of trying to knock out rivals while trying to keep your vehicle on the track.


About Targem

Targem Games was established in 2002 with the aim of producing quality projects for players all over the world. Targem Games is currently one of the largest developers of videogames in Russia. The company’s projects are characterized by high quality standards and original design, confirmed by a number of industry awards. The best-known games from the studio are Star Conflict, Etherlords, Armageddon Riders, Swarm/MorphX, and Hard Truck. More than 70 highly skilled employees are working at the company developing cool games across many platforms.

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