Black Desert Online’s Drieghan Expansion Launches 14th of November

During this year’s EGX game show in Birmingham (UK), Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced that Black Desert Online will receive a brand new expansion named Drieghan on the 14th of November. This update will feature a large mountainous area, over 300 challenging quests, a new story of the cursed tribe ‘Sherekhan’, fresh nodes to conquer and a new menacing dragon boss called Garmoth.

Over 70,000 visitors at EGX had an exclusive first look opportunity to explore the new content on 40 high-end Alienware PCs at the ESL Arena powered by Intel, the biggest activation during the EGX game show. Players worked together to defeat the new world boss Garmoth and competed in the game’s popular Arena of Arsha PvP mode hosted and shoutcasted by Black Desert Online streamers Goodvibesguy and Dr. Positive.

Aion Janis, ‘The Dancing Streamer’ explored much of the upcoming PvE content that will be available in the Drieghan Expansion such as the Garmoth boss fight, new monster areas and mechanics. Furthermore, the ESL directed show featured a selection of panels and segments that homed in on many of the rich features that exist in Black Desert Online and its community such as the unprecedented detailed character creator, life skilling and cosplay. During a live interview, Wook Kim, Black Desert Online’s Product Manager announced Drieghan’s 14 November launch date.

About the Upcoming Drieghan Expansion

Drieghan, also known as the land of dragons and the ancestral home of dwarves is a huge new mountainous area in Black Desert Online offering new story content, quests and challenges. Adventurers will be able to travel to Duvencrune, the capital of Drieghan which shows a variety of environments of an alpine region. New monster areas such as ‘Sherekhan’s Grave’, ‘Blood Wolf Town’, ‘Tshira Ruins’ will be released as well as the new dragon world boss, Garmoth, the Crimson Dragon. Players can also look forward to the Dragon Slayer, a brand new powerful craftable weapon which nearly matches the “Dandelion” weapon.

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