Be the Troll you Want to be in SpellForce 3: Fallen God! Review Keys Available!

Attention RPG and RTS fans! Spellforce 3 – Fallen God keys are here! You don’t have to own or have played any other Spellforce titles to jump into this one, so get your request in right now!

Fallen God’s single-player campaign puts you in charge of a tribe of trolls who have set out to resurrect a god in a bid to protect your race from extinction. Or you can hop into ranked 3v3 multiplayer matches using one of six different factions.


  • Over 20 hours of gameplay with multiple endings depending on your campaign decisions. 
  • Customize your heroes by combining skill trees and abilities to create the perfect heroes for your strategy
  • Discover Urgath and solve its mysteries using unique hero interactions with the world
  • Salvage legendary weapons and armor to give your Trolls the edge in battle
  • Multiplayer – Choose from six RTS factions: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Dark Elves and Trolls, each featuring two unique heroes that complement individual play styles
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