Battle Royale 4X RTS Waves of the Atlantide Out Today on Steam

Independent studio Metaphore Games releases Waves of the Atlantide, the ultimate multiplayer battle royale 4x real time strategy game, on Steam today for just $4.99.

Waves of the Atlantide is a strategy game at its core, in real time and with 4X elements that, due to the Battle Royale mode, lasts around 25 minutes per game.

Waves of the Atlantide differentiates from 4X games by offering short games and simplified gameplay. It’s actually an RTS with alternative gameplay”.

Guillaume Kehren, CEO at Metaphore Games.

Waves of the Atlantide is launched in Early Access and it will remain like that for 2 months approximately. The final version will contain more technologies, improved visuals and sounds, and evolved gameplay mechanics.


  • Short games
  • Offline/Online play
  • Strategy over tactic
  • Strategy over luck
  • Impactful economic choices
  • Varied technological choices
  • Non cheating AI
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