Award-winning game DARQ celebrates its first birthday with a new publisher, a Complete Edition coming to next- and current-gen consoles & a free DLC

The publishing agreement with FEARDEMIC will see the weight and experience of the Bloober Team group of companies focused on the porting of the game to all available consoles and making the amazing experience that is DARQ available to a wider range of gamers. FEARDEMIC has confirmed that DARQ: Complete Edition will be coming to XBOX ONE, PS4, XBOX SERIES X, PS5, and SWITCH. Both FEARDEMIC and UNFOLD GAMES are working toward a DECEMBER 2020 rollout of the console versions. FEARDEMIC also has plans to bring DARQ: Complete Edition to new distribution channels via physical console releases in early 2021.

UNFOLD GAMES  had previously promised two DLC’s to be released for free, as a way to say “thank you” to all the fans of DARQ. The first DLC “The Tower” was released in March 2020 to a warm reception (100% positive user score on Steam).

The second DLC “The Crypt” is still in development, as the developer decided to make it into a much more ambitious expansion than originally planned. It will offer much more content, new achievements, as well as completely new mechanics that haven’t been seen in the game before.

Though originally slated for an earlier release, the new schedule allows for releasing “The Crypt” simultaneously both on the PC and Consoles in December. This means that from December users on all platforms will be able to receive the Complete experience of DARQ as each game purchase will include both “The Tower” and The Crypt” DLCs as free bonus content, making DARQ console releases the equivalent of Complete Editions.

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