Ascent – The Space Game Warps into Early Access


Space MMO so realistic you could use it to teach science class.

Feb 27, 2015 – Fluffy Kitten Studios is proud to announce that Ascent – The Space Game is now available on Early Access from Steam at Ascent is a space based MMO focused heavily on building, trading, exploring, mining, and politics, with a developing PvE combat system. It features a lot of science driven features ranging from realistic solar systems to manipulating the chemistry of planet atmospheres for habitation.


Humanity has fallen. The once prosperous people commanded the stars to do their bidding now find themselves at the mercy of a ruthless entropy. With just eight systems it will be up to every capable pilot to help end starvation, rebuild factories, and begin restoring humanity to its rightful place as commanders of their destiny.

Ascent is a space based MMO like none other. Not just the size and scope of the Milky Way galaxy, with 270 billion stars and over a trillion planets to explore, but the scientific modeling we use to craft realistic planets, suns, moons, asteroid fields and black holes. Learn about star formations at and find out why Ascent is more than just a game.


This Early Access build features the ability to gain a variety of skills, such as asteroid mining and gas harvesting, and put them to work building up enough wealth to found your first colony on a distant world. With the management of that colony may come more wealth, more problems, and the ability to interact with galactic politics. This feature will allow you access to convince the other leaders to construct massively expensive hypergates to ease travel and trade to your system. Other political and structural improvements are in the works, as well as massive new systems for colonization, combat, and dynamic questing. Join early and be able to enjoy these cutting new features as they roll out at



On January 1st, 2013, at somewhere between about 1am and 6am, two dangerously inebriated IT managers decided something. Very few things are clear from this entirely undocumented meeting, but it is alleged that the pair hatched a plot to start a computer game development company – with the vision to make games that “Everybody plays”, starting with a space game, later named… The Space Game.

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