Ascent Gets Smuggling, UI, and President Enacts Massive Finacial Reform

Oct 1, 2015– It’s no secret that at over a trillion planets Ascent – The Space Game ( is the biggest independent game ever made, but in measurement of crazy space drama it is even bigger. Earlier this year we welcomed the first elected galactic president, and along with today’s update the not-quite-beloved, and even more unfortunately named, President Prolapser took massive financial reform actions to stem inflation on a galactic level. Compounding this radical move, planetary mayors can now ban goods from their colony in order to craft their vision of utopia, but the citizens who disagree are already turning to smuggling operations to get what they desire. Before we dive into the world changing events, the President wishes to inform you that all ships were automatically upgraded to a new, more modern, interface. Experience the new interface at

Galactic financial reform threatens free markets!

The President’s first major action was months in the making, but in a staggering display of bureaucratic oversight he has changed galactic commodity prices of all inner planetary systems; driving the cost of metals and processed goods way down and the price of raw materials such as silicon and meat massively higher. The President has stated numerous times that this act is to stem large scale inflation and bring wealth to the poorer galactic citizens by focusing higher prices on easier to produce items. Time will tell if this drastic fiscal policy change will solve these issues or exacerbate them, and citizens across the universe are heavily divided on the impact. One thing is for sure, opponents of the president are already planning on using this change to swing votes their way for the next election.

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Smuggling operations become widespread as colony mayors ban goods!

In other news, large scale smuggling operations have opened up following the announcement that planetary mayors may now ban goods from their colonies. Colonies are already using this to their advantage, banning narcotics, cigars, wine, and beer to ensure a healthier lifestyle. In return, however, colonists are turning to the black market to fulfill their needs, opening their colonies to dangerous underground syndicates which could have long term impacts. Other, more radical colonies, have taken it upon themselves to go so far as to ban meats, grains, or other food items they deem unworthy of their citizens. Mass riots have already been reported at the outrage caused by this action.

The friendly galaxy of Ascent is always changing, evolving, and growing. Decisions on how the game will change is up to the players and their elected officials. Join the cause at and become part of the history of the new galactic frontier.

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