Antonball Deluxe is now available on Steam, request a key on Terminals today!

Summitsphere’s Breakout Puzzle-Platformer Launches Today with Insane Modes, BallBusting Levels, and Eccentric Unlockable Characters!

Developer Summitsphere and Publisher Proponent Games announced today that its revolutionary breakout puzzle platformer  Antonball Deluxe is now live on Steam! Featuring three games in one, a dazzling retro aesthetic, and some of the tightest platforming ever seen in a game of its type, Antonball Deluxe is a high-octane smorgasbord of brick-breaking, mole-mashing, ballbusting action. For a limited time, fans of wild retro-inspired mayhem can purchase the PC title for a special launch week price of $15.99 before it returns to its regular price of $19.99 USD. 

The first game in the collection, Antonball Arcade, follows the misadventures of Anton Ball as he stumbles into the Boiler City sewer system after a hard night on the town and must make his way home. One problem: there are thousands of bricks blocking his way across five distinct worlds. The solution: Using his trusty Antonball to jump, backflip, and clutch every last brick into dust!

The second game in the set, Punch Ball Antonball, stars Anton’s co-worker, Annie Bell, as she vies to win the Punch Ball Championship and its grand prize: a lifetime supply of Ballble Tea. Armed with nothing but her Punch Ball, Annie must clear five worlds teeming with vicious ballbusting moles, oozing snails, and sentient baseball mitts. 

The third game, VS. Antonball, is a multiplayer exclusive, turning Antonball Arcade into a high-octane competitive brickbreaking and ballbusting showdown across nine different unlockable stages. Two teams compete to destroy the other’s brick wall first as power-ups, obstacles and foes rain chaos down on up to 4 players.

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