Ant-Man is the next big thinf for Marvel Heroes 2015


Ant-Man sure makes a big – well…little – splash as Marvel Heroes 2015’s 49th playable character later this week. Some highlights you might notice from the trailer, which you can link to fromYouTube or download for yourself:

  • Ant Constructs! Scott Lang can summon ants to do his bidding, from small attacks and walls of ants to a full-fledged Antnado!
  • Flying Ants! The best way to get around.
  • “Invisibility”! By turning small, Scott can go unnoticed by enemies around him.
  • Comic and Theatrical Costumes! If you purchase the Hero Pack, you’ll get both of these costumes. Otherwise, the costume inspired by Avengers NOW! is the default and the costume inspired by Marvel’s Ant-Man, coming to theaters July 17, can be purchased separately.
  • And Hank Pym! A classic Hank Pym costume will be available alongside Scott Lang’s ensembles. What better time to use your Giant-Man powers?

Some other recent Marvel Heroes 2015 news you may have missed:

  • The Marvel Heroes 2015 $25,000 Giveaway will grant five lucky winners $5,000 each just by playing the game, between now and August 31. Rules here:
  • Straight out of the pages of SECRET WARS — which you should be reading right now — the newly available God Emperor costume pleases Doom…
  • costumepose_Dr_Doom_God_EmperorNew Team-Up character, Sam Wilson as Captain America! If you’ve been reading Marvel comics lately, you know there’s a new Captain America in town. Formerly known as the Falcon, Sam Wilson has taken up Steve Rogers’ mantle as the Sentinel of Liberty.
  • A community vote will decide the final undecided slot for characters released in 2015. Just visit to choose between Green Goblin, Magik (the current leader in a landslide), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Nick Fury, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Wasp.
  • And check out our new infographic, full of interesting trivia from two years of Marvel Heroes



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