Announcing Cryospace – an action-packed survival-horror, heavily inspired by Alien, Pandorum, and Philip K. Dick novels – coming to PC.

Discover whatever is destroying your spaceship and slashing your crew members – find it before it finds you and rips you apart. Embrace the fact that even though you’ve come aboard this ship as a maintenance person, that’s no longer your job. You’re a leader – a slayer. However, whether or not you will become a hero remains to be seen.

  • Explore the shipwreck. Scout for resources, including oxygen, food, weapons, and anything else that will increase your chances of survival.
  • Create a makeshift colony. Try to build a (relatively) safe haven and supply it with food and oxygen. Find survivors on this almost-destroyed derelict, arm them, and prepare them to fight.
  • Use your wits to stay alive. Solve puzzles, avoid traps, or set them against whatever is hunting you. Remember, only the smartest ones will stay alive.
  • Load, shoot, repeat. Dangerous alien life forms, never in your scariest dreams imagined existed, are playing at home. You’re a guest, or rather, an invader. As such, you’re not welcome – be assured they will let you know that.
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