Anime Studio Artland has closed down

Original post from Kotaku

The animation studio that made the TV anime version of Senran Kagura and most recently did the spring 2017 series Seven Mortal Sins,  has closed.

According to website Teikoku Databank, the studio is 298 million yen ($2.62 million) in debt. The studio shut down on June 30.

As of  July 7 at 6:42am, the website TSR reports that Artland has yet to formally file for bankruptcy, but it is looking at ways it can sort out its debts without doing so. The site adds that it’s possible that Artland might be able to continue operations. This article originally stated Artland was bankrupt (it’s insolvent) and has been updated accordingly.

Artland was originally founded in 1978 and did co-production work on Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Legend of the Galactic Heroes. However, it’s probably best known for the TV anime Mushishi. You can watch the trailer for its last series, Seven Mortal Sins.

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