All the details about the Destiny 2 reveal!


Bungie held an event recently to show off gameplay for the highly anticipated Destiny 2 and this has given us quite a bit to talk about, so let’s get to the details!

I’ve got you in my sights…

Destiny’s PVP mode, the Crucible, will undergo a few changes to make the conflict a bit more personal in Destiny 2. Competitive events across the Crucible will be set to a more intimate 4 on 4. The whole PVP system and its levels will be built around this change.

The HUD will also see some changes to let other players know if a special is armed and ready to use, as well as if they are carrying any heavy ammo.

I recently watched a Youtuber talk about how movement in the Crucible feels a bit slower and that it now takes more damage to a player to put them down. Overall, the changes seem to be ok, but given the reworking that the Crucible has had in the past, any issues based on player feedback in the upcoming Beta should be addressed before launch.

One of the new modes announced is Countdown, and it is currently unclear what modes of Destiny 1 will carry over.

The Wild Frontier

While exploring in Destiny 1 was a novel affair for a few hours, it slowly started to wear thin and despite the few changes they added to it, the exploration and patrol of the locations in Destiny 1 got very repetitive, very quickly.

Destiny 2 will see more side-quests and special events added as well as new activities called Adventures. These can involve hunting down long-lost treasures or discovering Lost Sectors. Inside these locations, you will find a treasure chest guarded by a boss that holds the key to that chest. There will be even more public events, including those with more of a challenge for greater rewards.

While it may not blow away newcomers to the franchise, long time Destiny fans will get excited by this news; You can now launch all activities from the world without ever needing to go to orbit.

At launch, Destiny 2 will contain four worlds to explore; Earth’s European Dead Zone, Titan, Io, and Nessus.

Bungie also announced that Destiny 2 will have an actual in-game map added to make it easier to find your way.

All For One…

While Clan support was paper thin in Destiny 1, Bungie has announced that there will be a much deeper support for Clans in-game. You will now be able to view, organize, and join a clan without having to rely on website tools to do so. Your clan will also be able to earn rewards as it levels up and also create custom banners for your clan.

Destiny 1 had an issue with matchmaking its end-game content like Raids and Nightfall strikes, in the fact that there was no matchmaking for these events at all. Players had to rely on website tools to find players to fill a few spots in their Raid teams and often people would leave if the wait was too long. Bungie has listened to player feedback and created an in-game system called “Guided Games” that will now allow matchmaking to all events in Destiny 2. Bungie hopes that this will lead to players finding Clans and groups of players to join in and lead to more social interaction.

Bringing A Gun To A Knife Fight

Destiny 2 looks to shake up the weapon load outs of the first game by replacing Primary, Secondary, and Heavy Weapons with all new categories. These will be switched to Kinetic, Energy, and Power. Kinetic will be guns that fire your typical bullets, Energy will be weapons that have some sort of elemental energy to them, and Power will be your rocket/grenade launchers, shotguns, fusion rifles, and more. This shake up allows you to now equip two of the same style of weapon like a Scout rifle that would fire traditional bullets as well as one that has an elemental charge to it.

Bungie also showed off the new Super Abilities for the Titan, Warlock and the Hunter. The Titan will summon a Shield that can be used close range or thrown for some ricochet action as it bounces from enemy to enemy. The Warlock has the Dawnblade, an ability that is similar to the hammer throws of the Titan from the first game, but with a sword. The Hunter will see an Electrical Staff that can be slammed down onto enemies or spring into action for some fast paced strikes.

And then came the Blizzard…

Destiny 2 will be digitally available on PC exclusively through Blizzard’s platform. It was announced that Destiny will join the ranks of Overwatch, StarCraft, WarCraft. Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo 3 as offerings from the PC gaming titan. The title is expected to be available at retail as well for those that want a physical copy.

Blizzard President Mike Morhaime confirmed that the platform would offer the ability for players to use’s built-in friend’s list and chat functionality.

The PC version will not launch on the same day but will see a uncapped frame rate and will offer up to 4K resolution support (3820×2160), full mouse and keyboard support with custom key-mapping, text chat, an adjustable field of view setting, a detailed PC settings screen, and 21:9 screen support.

More details regarding the launch of the PC version will be made available “in the coming weeks.”

For more news about Destiny 2, stay tuned.

In case you missed the Live Stream Event, here it is in its entirety, enjoy.

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