A Winter Wonderland Comes to ‘Brown Dust’

Get ready to deck the halls and light the yule log – a Winter Wonderland comes to Brown Dust! Brimming with holiday-themed events, new Mercenaries and Companions, unique costumes, and a sleighful of holiday cheer, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!

Throughout December, the Ice Dice Event and Bling Bling X-mas Event will dole out various rewards to all who roll the dice or collect decorations for the X-mas tree. During Winter Wonderland’s Ice Dice Event will have players roll dice, moving their token around a board, and obtain various rewards depending on wherever they land. With rewards from Diamonds to Gold, Legend Scrolls to Premium Scrolls up for grabs, it’s time to get rolling!

During the Bling Bling X-mas Event, players can collect colorful snowflake decorations by completing various in-game missions. Once a player collects all the necessary snowflakes to decorate their tree, they’ll receive a Skill Transfer Ticket and Special Holiday Costume.

What’s more, replacing the 30 Days Festival is a new daily-login bonus: SurPrize! Offering a flurry of rewards, such as 18 ★5 Skill Books, 1500 Ancient Coins, 30 Legend Scrolls, and other similarly helpful rewards, there will be no shortage of gifts this update.

Lastly, two new Mercenaries, ★5 Benshina (Defender) and ★4 Shoman (Magician), and their Companions Dolorein and Psyona are now available. Add them to your team and discover new strategies just in time for the December Tournament!

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