A Chariot Co-op Speed Run Contest with a Huge Prize


Frima Originals, the team who brought Chariot to the world last fall is launching a worldwide Speed Run contest and the stakes are high.

In teams of two players, the contestants will have to complete one specific level, The Prismatic Eye as fast as possible to participate. The performance has to be recorded on Twitch or on YouTube and submitted before March 23rd. The winning team will bring home a grand prize of $1000.

Seasoned platformer players and speedrunners were always in the team’s mind as the game already has a dedicated Speed Run mode for each level. In order to get the most prestigious achievement in the game, the players must complete every level with a gold medal, but a gold medal will not suffice to win this contest however. It’s hoped by Frima Originals that this contest will peak the interest of online communities of speedrunners and that they will shatter the developer’s own best score.

“ There’s a lot that can be done with the physics in Chariot, especially while playing in co-op. I can’t wait to see what the contestants will come up with to save a few seconds on their runs. We know that most speed run world records are set by breaking the games, I’m curious to see if players find a way to break Chariot. “ says Laurent Mercure, the community manager at Frima.

To celebrate the launch of this contest, the developers are holding a stream tomorrow at 5:00 PM EST on their Twitch channel to give a few tips to aspiring Chariot speedrunners.

In addition, the team will be at PAX East in Boston next week at booth 10057 and will invite experienced speedrunners to try their hands at Chariot.


About Chariot:

Chariot is a co-op platformer game developed and released by Frima Originals on PS4, Xbox One and PC in the Fall of 2014. The game was then released in early 2015 on the Wii U. In this puzzle platformer, the two players must work together and strategize in order to get the titular vehicle to the end of each level while also gathering as much loot as possible on the way. Chariot tells the story of a princess who is tasked of bringing her father to his final resting place. This is no simple mission as the ghost of the King is still haunting the Chariot and asks to be buried on a worthy location. Assisted by her fiancé, the princess has to drag her father’s remains through labyrinthine caverns in order to find the perfect sepulcher.

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