7Levels brings Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers and Crowdy Farm: Puzzle to Nintendo Switch

Enjoy the stress-free experience of playing one of the hundreds of levels of the most addictive version of the solitaire card game there is. Alternately, sit back, alone or with your child, and see how much fun you’ll have while solving dozens of brain-teasers to bring order to your animal farm.

Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers is a classic card game offering relaxing gameplay, a soothing soundtrack, pleasing graphics, and high replay value. Oh, and there are cats in it, too! The goal of the game is to tap on any card that is one number higher or lower than the card on the pile. When there are no moves left, the player should tap the draw pile. The player can also buy five more cards if there are no more cards available in the draw pile, or use one of the Special Cards available. These cards can remove obstacles, act as Wild Cards that replace other cards, or help reveal cards still facing down. Of course, whenever a mistake is made, the player can undo their previous move.

  • Enjoy a stress-free experience that will provide you with countless hours of fun and harmony.
  • Play hundreds of levels filled with the most addictive version of solitaire there is.
  • Use the power of Special Cards.

Fill your greenhouses with the most beautiful flowers in all colors.

Crowdy Farm: Puzzle is a relaxing, colorful, 5-in-1 puzzle game collection ­– fine family entertainment that both parents and their children can enjoy. As smart-thinking farm managers, players will have to solve many brain-teasers to bring order to the animal farm. Sorting, organizing, and matching are all keys to success. The game will require players to plan, match, and deduce through five different puzzle types. By covering grass fields with colors, placing animals in matching rows, or learning the work of the herding dog, players will learn to think with accuracy while having tons of fun when trying to beat the next level.

  • 150 PUZZLES TO SOLVE: each one is a satisfying and colorful level that will leave you scratching your head!
  • 5 UNIQUE PUZZLE TYPES: every puzzle type is driven by different rules and contains 30 stages, each one more challenging than the last!
  • IMAGINATION-STIMULATING: the game evokes associations with traditional toys such as wooden pyramids, guessing games, and coloring puzzles.
  • RELAX AND CHILL: there are no time limits or fixed numbers of attempts – make yourself cozy and commit to solving the puzzle with no pressure.
  • FUN WITHOUT VIOLENCE: the game does not feature violent pictures in any way, instead focusing on a friendly experience for everyone.
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