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Cologne, Germany – August 6th, 2015 – Using the momentum EVERSPACE has generated on Steam Greenlight during the past two weeks ROCKFISH Games just launched the Kickstarter campaign directly from gamescom today in order to at least raise 250,000$ over the next 35 days on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding effort is to be used as a means of co-funding the production of EVERSPACE. Private investors have already agreed to back EVERSPACE as soon as the funding goal has been reached.

Everspace_KS_Screenshot_004EVERSPACE has been extremely well received by the Steam community as well as by our loyal Galaxy on Fire fan base.” said Michael Schade. “We have been greenlit with 15,054 YES votes – at a staggering 86% positive feedback ratio and more than 1,000 heart-warming comments about EVERSPACE – within less than two weeks! We are super excited that we have just launched our Kickstarter campaign and cannot wait to see how EVERSPACE will perform.”

Tons of feedback from fans all over the world have been reviewed and wishes and hopes resulting directly from Greenlight found their way into the Kickstarter campaign and had a profound effect on the stretch goals as well. Most notably there will be VR-Support for EVERSPACE although it is not yet clear which or how many VR manufacturers will be supported in the final game. At gamescom ROCKFISH Games is talking to various vendors to discuss the possibilities in collaboration to maximize the potential of the new tech. Everspace_KS_Screenshot_006

The Kickstarter project page for EVERSPACE is live at

Another topic that was addressed during Greenlight concerns EVERSPACE game mechanics and the story: Together with the story writer Falko Löffler (known for the story of Jack Keane and the Ankh Series) the team thought of a new way to combine an ever changing universe with a captivating story that will unfold as you progress through the game perfectly fitting the rogue-like genre. EVERSPACE pilots only have their ship and a mysterious order but lack crucial information about their origin and objectives. So it is up to the players to shed light on their own story while going on runs for third parties or following the main storyline. Players always have to make decisions which will affect the course of their journey. In addition, players can upgrade their ship to the playstyle they like best in order to advance to the next sector.

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About ROCKFISH Games GmbH

ROCKFISH Games is a new games studio based in Hamburg, Germany and specialized in high-quality 3D video games for PC and console. It was founded by mobile games veterans Michael Schade and Christian Lohr, who have been joint entrepreneurs in the space of 3D graphics for over 20 years. As founders and managers of Fishlabs Entertainment, they had spearheaded 3D mobile gaming for almost a decade before they took on a new adventure with ROCKFISH Games.

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