Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

Who here likes Marvel Movies?

If you do, then I have a review for the latest Thor movie.  Not a fan of Marvel movies?  I have a review for the latest Thor movie, but I would hope you would read it before closing this down, I mean, aren’t you even a little bit curious as to what I am going to put into my review?

Well I’m going to start off with this.  Ever since Deadpool, the boundaries of Marvel movies has changed. This is very apparent with the latest installment of Thor.  I’m not saying that is a bad thing at all.  In fact, Thor Ragnarok is an amazing movie, but it is more amazing because it isn’t just another Thor movie.

Let me explain.  The first Thor movie was great.  It had all the makings of an excellent Marvel action movie, introducing you to the character of Thor.  You learned more backstory for Thor with the Avengers movies, where Loki had a more prominent part to play.  Now don’t hate me, but the second Thor movie was garbage.  I felt it was so bad that I still have not been able to sit through the whole thing.  It just makes me sleepy and bored.  I don’t know yet what it is about that movie that causes this, but I felt it is horrible.  Now before Thor Ragnarok came out, we had 2nd Avengers movies (Age of Ultron), and 2 Captain America movies (Winter Soldier and Civil War), Dr. Strange and another Guardian of the Galaxy movie.  The plan for the Marvel universe is going to eventually all be tied together at some point soon with the Avengers Infinity War, and as such, Thor Ragnarok completes the last of the Thor backstory, as well as builds up towards this movie. The main issue with the development and filming time of all these movies is that you often forget what has happened in the previous movies, and they must fill you in with clips or flashbacks.  In Thor Ragnarok they had to fill you in on how Bruce Banner AKA the Hulk appeared in the movie, which had me confused for a bit since it has been so long since we last saw the Hulk.  Apparently, the story of how he arrives in the universe with Thor goes all the way back to Age of Ultron, which I had forgotten (and might need to rewatch soon).

Thor Ragnarok had a really good story which builds from the beginning with a lot of humor.  I think this is part of why I felt this movie was good.  The humor is well placed and perfectly timed.  Thor and Hulk have amazing chemistry between each other, and it was great to see Hulk having a lot more lines, and not just as Bruce Banner. Several surprise cameo’s in Thor Ragnarok are also quite surprising.  As per usual, you get Stan Lee, saying quite a few lines, more than his past cameo’s.  There are also a cameo’s from Matt Damon (as Loki), Sam Neil (as Odin), and Luke Hemsworth (as Thor) earlier in the movie which was totally a surprise, but was also very well done.  The main story of Thor Ragnarok builds on the fact that Thor must once again face facts and come to terms with his cockiness and strive to save Asgard with the help of Loki and Hulk.  I loved the feel of the rivalry between Thor and Loki, I always felt that their relationship was more disjointed and kind of forced in previous movies, but in Ragnarok they made a great team, as actors and as fictional brothers. Cate Blanchett picks up the role of Hela, the evil villain in this movie, which she plays very well.  Her ability to change her hair to her war helmet is an interesting aspect of showing when she is getting into a combat mode, it was neat the first time she does it, but she seemed to do it way too often.  I wonder if that part of her costume was uncomfortable and she kept wanting to shoot without it as much as possible.  Jeff Goldblum also makes an apparence in the movie as the secondary villain as the Grandmaster of Sakaar.

One of the greatest strengths of Thor Ragnarok is the soundtrack, which has an odd 80’s feel to it, which could be building a tie-in with Guardians of the Galaxy in an upcoming movie.  The music was perfect with the action sequences of the movie, as well as the colors and themes of certain parts, which also had an 80’s type feel.

The Action sequences of Ragnarok were well done and were blended extremely well with some very excellent music choices.  The battle scene between Hulk and Thor was especially good, with lots of action and lots of Hulk-Smash, as one would expect.  While this scene is only a small part of the whole movie, it is the one scene that everyone is looking forward to.  Overall I feel this movie did very well continuing the story of Thor, as well as keeping true to the Marvel story-line.  Hulk and Loki also played an excellent role in the story, and I feel that the movie told an excellent story around Thor, Hulk and Loki as well as the rest of Asgard.  I highly recommend that this movie be on your must-see list, as it is worth seeing.

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