Movie Review: The Martian

martian-gallery3-gallery-imageWhen it comes to sci-fi movies, I’m a pretty big fan.  I enjoy all Star Trek, Star Wars movies, but more than that, I love pretty much any sci-fi movie.  When I first saw a trailer for “The Martian” back in May or June (I think) I was curious, but also very excited.  Here is a movie that looked to be tied closer to where we currently are in our exploration of space than ever before. I kept thinking to myself “This movie will be great”.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The Martian follows Mark Watney, a biologist/astronaught that was part of the Ares III exploration party of Mars.  He gets trapped on Mars following an accident that causes the rest of his crew to abandon their mission and evacuate from the planet.  What ensues is a mix between journal entry records and a first person account of how things are for him struggling to survive on a barren planet.

The Martian is a mixed bag of different film aspects.  It has humor, it has drama, and it has action.  Like other space disaster martian-tifrss0003frnleft-1001rrgb_0movies, you become attached to the protagonist (Watney) in such a way you want him to survive and live, but you are never sure what the next bad thing will be that happens to him.  There were a few tense moments where Tali was gripping my hand tightly.

Matt Damon, who plays Watney, brings this character to perfection.  His mannerisms, his actions and emotions play such a great part in bringing depth to the character, no one else could have portrayed him in quite the same way.  Casting Damon in this role was perfect, almost as if the role was written just for him.

While this movie runs at bit long, at 141 minutes, one thing that you don’t notice is how long it is. In my opinion the director, Ridley Scott kept this movie running at a perfect pace to keep you entertained for the whole time, which makes a great movie in my eyes.

the-martian-01While I have stated I’m not big on 3D movies, we did watch this movie in 3D.  Overall there wasn’t to much in the way of 3D extras, but there was one part at the end where I almost thought someone in the audence of the theatre threw something in the air, but it turned out to be in the movie.  Other then that, the other effects were well done, but seeing this movie in 3D isn’t a “must”.  You don’t really get anything extra out of it.

Overall, I loved this movie.  I will definetly be wanting to see it again.  When you walk out of a movie and say “I want to see it again” then you know it was great.  I’d recomend this movie to anyone who loves a good movie.  Its definitely a must-see.

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