Movie Review: The Finest Hours

Suspense and action often go hand in hand with movies, often keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat.  There have been many great suspenseful action movies made over the years, and quite often, they are built around a true story of an event that actually happened, but often contain a little movie ‘embellishment’ to add the suspense and action to the movie.  Recently the Walt Disney Corporation has branched out its movie-making studios to include more variety of movies, and in that list comes a suspenseful action story based upon a true event called ‘The Finest hours’.

In ‘The Finest Hours’ Coast guard Bernie Webber is sent out on a mission to rescue a fractured tanker in a blizzard.  He faces many dangers and challenges from huge waves, to strong winds, to actually finding this tanker in the blizzard.  It’s a harrowing story of faith and courage, in ones-self and in ones crew to do the best they can, and rescue as many as they can.

The story for ‘The Finest Hours’ is based upon the real life story of Bernie Webber, and at the close of the movie they fill in some truth behind the movie.  It is always nice to see these things at the end, as you can feel closer to the people who really went through the events depicted in the movie.  The story of the movie starts off with a tiny bit of backstory for all major parties as well as build up to the inevitable blizzard that causes the events of the movie.

The special effects in ‘The Finest Hours’ is simple, yet spectacular at the same time.  There were no big budget CGI additions to the movie, and everything looked great, but you are so focused on the drama, suspense and action of the movie to notice any real flaws or issues with the effects.  I did find some of the ocean scenes a bit far-fetched, but they were kept short and to a minimum.

Acting in the movie is another subject.  A lot of the main key actors, like Chris Pine, who played Bernie Webber, had to create a Boston-type accent for their character, and it was poor or cheesy at best.  Chris Pine is a great actor, but sometimes the accent just doesn’t work.  I felt it didn’t work for his type of character, and did detract from the movie a lot.  Had he just acted with no accent it would have fixed this flaw with the movie.  The rest of the cast played their roles pretty well, and as I didn’t know many others of them aside from Chris Pine, Casey Affleck and Eric Bana, I can’t really say much else.

‘The Finest Hours’ is a decently good movie, with enough suspense, story and action to make it an enjoyable viewing experience.  I would recommend checking it out.  If you are interested, check out the trailer below to help you decide.

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