Movie Review: Passengers

What would you do with extreme loneliness?  This is a question many of us would perhaps never find out, but for 2 passengers on an interstellar flight, they both need to come to grips with the realization they are alone.

On board the star-ship ‘Avalon’ which is run by the Homestead corporation, the ‘Avalon’ is on a 150 yer journey to a new planet aptly called ‘Homestead II’.  With over 5000 new colonists on-board and in cryogenic stasis for the journey, everything was supposed to be smooth sailing in the computer controlled ship.  Everyone isn’t t wake up until the last 4 months of the journey.   But something goes wrong, and 2 passengers are awoken and find themselves dealing with the issues of being alone in space, with a huge ship, and they need to work together to solve the problems that arise and could jeopardize the entire trip.

The Homestead Corp, as we learn made a huge amount of money in their first homestead ship, and so they decided to send another out into space to a new planet.  As the movie shows us with a little bit of backstory, the passengers buy their ticket, they are put into cryostasis and make the journey to the planet, where they can begin a new life.  Some specialized trades can have their tickets discounted in order to get skilled colonists to join the trip.  While awake, the passengers rack up huge amounts of debt due to hyper inflated prices of goods and services on-board the ship, eventually to be added to the corporations bottom line.

The premise for the movie ‘Passengers’ is a very interesting one.  The movie sets the pace quite quickly, getting the viewers into the story fast, but still keeping a good portion of the backstory hidden, but drip-feeding us small tidbits to keep it flowing.  Since the passage of time is an important component of the movie’s story, you always get a sense of how much time is passing, usually in small details like someone’s hair.  It is subtle but noticeable if you pay attention.

‘Passengers’ was released in both normal and Real3D vision. We managed to see the video in Real3D, and I can say that the extra money we paid for that feature was not worth the cost.  In general the movie has almost zero 3D effects added to the film, and that the normal version of the film would have been a better investment.  That being said I did notice a few shots that added a nice 3D effect, but they were too far between.  I know I’ve been harsh with other movies where they throw in 3D effects just about everywhere to make it seem like you are getting your money’s worth, but in ‘Passengers’ its so subtle that I need to really try hard to notice the 3D effects, so I highly recommend you save those few dollars and opt for the normal version.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are the main stars in this movie, with Lawrence Fishbourne playing a mid role in the movie.  I felt both Chris and Jennifer played their parts extremely well.  Chris Pratt is an excellent actor, and really delivers a meaningful performance so far in any role he has played.  He managed to add in a small bit of humor where possible, but still manages to bring out the best in the character.  Jennifer Lawrence, while still a very accomplished actress, I feel she still has the momentum she gained from ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise movies going for her, and has trapped a little of ‘Katniss Everdeen’ in almost everyone of her performances since.  While this isn’t a bad thing, you can sometimes see it come out with her acting.  Lawrence Fishbournes character in the movie is great, while brief.  He always brings an intelligent performance to all his roles, though he is looking a bit aged these days.

All in all, ‘Passengers’ is an excellent movie, and well worth seeing. I rate this movie 4.5/5 and I will definetly be looking forward to purchasing this movie on Blu-Ray upon its release.  Don’t take my word for it though, watch the trailer below, and decide for yourself.  It is worth seeing.

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