Movie Review: Kingsman – The Golden Circle

“Manners Maketh Man” – Do you know what that means?

This phrase has tied itself to the Kingsman movies since the beginning.  In the Kingsman – The Golden Circle, this phrase also plays a big part.

Going to see a movie isn’t something we do as much as we would like, but since October 25th is my birthday we decided to take an evening off from things and go see “Kingsman – The Golden Circle”.  An action-packed spy movie that continues the story of Eggsy, a young British spy and one of a few remaining “Kingsman” agents.

If you have seen the first Kingsman movie, then you will know the trials that Eggsy went through, and how he became a Kingsman agent, and in “The Golden Circle” they continue this story perfectly, filling you in with backstory right from the first few minutes. Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton runs into Charlie – an ex Kingsman trainee that was supposedly killed in the last movie when everyone’s head popped from Richmond Valentine’s neurological wave broadcast.

Right from this moment, I knew this movie was going to be good, and just as good as the first, which isn’t easy for most sequels.  The action starts right away, bringing you into the story of Eggsy, and you learn that a year has passed, and as a Kingsman agent, life hasn’t really changed much from the first movie, aside from a personal life that he is taking very serious.

With Julianne Moore playing Poppy, the “evil mastermind” behind the terrible plot to take over the worlds drug-trade, she has put herself into the role of the “bad guy” quite fittingly.  This is something I never would have thought, and shows that Julianne Moore can play some quite interesting parts, just like Jodie Foster in “Elysium” Julianne Moore is a very capable actress.

Now while Julianne Moore played her role well, she also wasn’t prominent in the movie very much, and a lot of the movie was spent building up to the final confrontation.  What scene’s she did have, were excellent and very good, with l a subtle bit of evil, but in a down-home sort of way.  She never really came off as in your face evil, but more of a “we can be friends, but if you cross me you will die” sort of way.

Another key element of the movie that was sort of forgotten about was The Statesman, the Kingsman’s US counterpart.  It was interesting to see a bit of how the organization works, and unlike the Kingsman, who focused on fine clothing for men, the Statesman was a brewery making whiskey which funded their operation, and funded it very well I might add.  The first member of the Statesman you meet is Channing Tatum’s character Tequila, but anyone hoping for a large amount of screen-time for the good looking actor, will be disappointed because his whole screen presence lasts about 5 minutes.  Jeff Bridges also has a small part to play as Champagne (or Champ), boss of the Statesman, as well as Halle Berry, who’s character Ginger Ale is the Statesman’s equivalent to Merlin.  While both Jeff and Halle are very experienced actors, I feel the part they played in this movie was so small, they could have had a bigger impact if given more lines and a longer screen presence.

The visuals in “The Golden Circle” were on par with the original “Kingsman” film, with nothing out of the ordinary regarding the gadgets that they use.  The one major change was an additional feature to Eggsy’s watch, which plays a plot-line part later in the movie.  The rest of the action continues to be top-notch and along the same lines, having the addition of the electrified Lasso used by “Agent Whiskey” of the Statesman.  The Kingsman umbrella plays a more prominent part as well.

The story of “The Golden Circle” is very tightly tied to Kingsman, and they do an excellent job of this by having many parts of the story flashback to the original movie in a way of making you remember, or a character remember what has happened.  It doesn’t happen too often, but it does fill in a few minor gaps in the backstory, since some of these flashbacks were not shown in the original.  An important part of the backstory comes when you get filled in on what happened to “Agent Galahad” (where Colin Firth reprises his role) from the original movie, when he was shot in the head by Richmond Valentine after the church scene where he kills everyone after the neurological test was activated.

At the end of it all, if you liked the original Kingsman movie, this one is a must see.  If you don’t like action spy movies, or action movies in general, skip this one and see something else.  I enjoyed seeing this movie immensely, but being a fan of action movies, and a fan of the Kingsman original, this one was on my “must watch” list.

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