Movie Review: King Arthur – Legend of the Sword

The story of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and Excalibur is very well known, and has been told many times over the years.  There are different interpretations of the story in almost any form of media, from books and print, to movies.  The most recent of which is Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur – Legend of the Sword.

Director Guy Ritchie has made 11 movies in his career to date, with the 11th being released sometime in 2019.  Some of his most well-known works include Sherlock Holmes, Snatched and Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Guy Ritchie has his own cinematic flair that is immediately detected in all his movies, and that remains true with King Arthur.

Set in the period of the Arthurian legends, the movie has Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) play the role of Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon.  After having been left to grow up in a brothel in Londinium, he is able to gain the skills to fight and learn from his life at the brothel.  In the meantime his uncle Vortigern has taken over control of the kingdom and rules with magic and fear.  When the fabled ‘Sword in the Stone’ magically appears, Vortigern starts collecting the young men of the land to weed out the true heir of the throne, his nephew Arthur.

While the story of Excalibur and King Arthur are not new, Guy Ritchie does provide a refreshing take on the film.  His camera work and film special effects bring a new light, and also add an entertaining aspect to the story.  With slow-motion sequences in the sword fights, to GoPro style head shots during running sequences bring you closer to the action.  The pace of the movie is also excellent and keeps you interested for the whole movie.

Now I’m still not 100% on 3D movies, but I can say that King Arthur – Legend of the Sword is an excellent 3D movie.  Tali even mentioned during our post-movie discussion on the drive home how well she enjoyed the 3D special effects.  They were prominent enough to be noticed, but never over the top or in your face annoying.  I enjoyed them when they appeared, and for the most part I forgot that the movie was even in 3D.

The cast for the movie I feel was well chosen.  Charlie Hunnam has a special charisma that just works in this type of role, and along with Jude Law they have great onscreen chemistry.  There were also several actors from Game of Thrones that had well portrayed characters and everyone seemed to click well within the confines of the story.  I felt the casting director did an excellent job and everyone played their role perfectly.

As I stated earlier the film kept a great pace within the movie.  The story filled you in on the necessary backstory as required, and you never felt lost at all with the action on screen.  I didn’t realize how long the movie was at all; coming in at 126 minutes, which to me is a great sign.

Overall I feel this movie is great.  There is enough action to keep you interested, the camera work is superb and the story, while dated, has gotten a great new twist to remake it fresh.  My only negative on this movie is that it was released a week after Guardians of the Galaxy, which will hurt its ability to earn any real money at the box-office.  I highly recommend you see this movie.

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