Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending

This movie review for Jupiter Ascending might contain some minor spoilers, so if you have not seen this movie, please read at your own risk.

Jupiter Ascending from the trailers prior to release in theaters seemed like a decent action flick starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, and upon seeing the movie, the action sequences were quite good.  The movie itself, being a 3D movie didn’t contain much in the way of 3D elements, and what elements there were, seemed forces or dropped in there just to remind you of watching a 3D movie.  This is unfortunate, but is always a chance of happening when watching a 3D movie.  Personally I prefer to watch movies in 2D, unless they are filmed in such a way that the 3D elements seem natural and actually compliment the movie, and are not a gimmick.  To date, there has been only a handful of movies that have done this.

The story of the movie is decent, though the majority of the story doesn’t really fall together until late into the movie.  While the movie keeps going at a decent enough pace, the story seems to get lost somewhere in the middle, and I found myself asking questions as to what just happened.  The special effects and technology in the movie were well done, but some elements started to become overused.  For example, Channing Tatum’s character wore special anti-gravity boots that helped him move around on earth like every surface was like ice, and they were ice skates, but when things changed to space, then it just go wierd.  Then these same boots seemed to become a “Swiss-Army Knife” for his character, being used to break or melt items holding him down, which out really matching up to how they were described in the movie.

There was one bit of the movie that did have me rolling my eyes, and this scene was an extended action scene, where Channing Tatum was escaping/fighting as he would be, but of course, he was shirtless.  No doubt this scene was written to appease the females of the audience who will be looking forward to his upcoming movie “Magic Mike 2”.

Like all good action movies, the sequences of action were quite well planned and done in such a way that it builds tension within the viewer.  This is a great thing and really kept me wanting to see more.  I did enjoy the movie for the most part, I would recomend it again to anyone who likes action type movies sci-fi movies.

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