Movie Review: Furious 7

Explosions, fancy cars and car chases.  The Fast & Furious movie franchise has always had some great elements of action.  Furious 7 is no exception.  This movie is fast paced, jam packed with everything you could imagine following the rest of the franchise.

Furious 7 culminates the Fast & Furious franchise by tying all previous 6 movies together.  If you have not seen any of the previous movies in a while (or at all) you will get enough back story to understand most of what is going on.furious7-04062015

This movie revolves around the plot of Revenge, by the big brother of Fast and Furious 6 villain Owen Shaw.  Deckard Shaw, played my Jason Statham is set out to hunt down and eliminate Dominic Toretto and his crew.  You know this is going to get messy, as Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and the rest of the cast are all great action stars.

The movie has a very fast pace, and keeps you entertained during the whole movie.  The very end of the movie will tug at your emotions, as they do a great metaphoric farewell to Paul Walker, who was killed in a car crash prior to the completion of filming, and their tribute to him is very touching.

This movie as a whole is great, but I was sad to see some actors not get as much screen time as previous movies.  For example Dwane Johnson’s character Hobbs, is basically non-existent in the entire movie, which is kind of disheartening.  Lucas’ Black character from Tokyo Drift, while part of the franchise storyline, also has a non-existent part.  I would have loved for both of these characters to have more of a role in the movie, tying them together more than just in passing.

Fast-And-Furious-7Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  It is definitely worth watching if you are fan of the franchise.  Most local theatre’s will be showing it in the new UltraAVX format, so go see it while you can.

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