Movie Review: Ant-Man

Marvel has been releasing a lot of movies lately from their universe of super heroes.  Earlier this year they released the 2nd movie in the Avengers series “The Avengers – Age of Ultron” (My review is linked here).  I did enjoy this movie quite a lot, as you can see in my review.  Recently we had the chance to go and see Marvel’s newest super hero movie “Ant-Man” in theatre’s and I’m going fill you in on my thoughts from the movie.

Ant-Man is a great action/super hero movie.  There is a great amount of action sequences, a lot of which revolve around shrinking and growing at incredible speeds in order to take full advantage of the Ant-Man suit.  From watching this movie you can tell that its main goal is to introduce you to the character of Ant-Man, and build up the back story for it, so right off the bat you know there will probably be a 2nd movie (More about this later).  The build up and back story is done at a great pace, not overly too slow, but enough to keep the story going forward.  The humour is minor, and Paul Rudd does a really great job as the main character in this film.  He wouldn’t be my first choice for a super hero, but it works, and that is all that counts.

As per the usual, there is the hero, and the villain.  This is quite clearly defined pretty close to the start.  One thing I didn’t expect was the tie-in’s into the other Marvel movies.  There are quite a few links to Captain America, as well as the Avengers and Iron Man.  All of these came as a pleasant surprise, but done so nicely that if you have missed any of these movies, its not going to ruin the experience for you, but you may want to go catch up with everyone else.

Post movie, and as per usual for Marvel, there is a quick teaser at the end to show you what movie is coming up soon.  This movie has a total of 2 teasers, which definitely hint that Ant-Man is here to stay, and may be joining Captain America in the next movie in 2016.

Overall I enjoyed this movie.  It fits well into the Marvel universe and I look forward to seeing more Ant-Man in the coming movies of the franchise.

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